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What Is a Nurse?

Registered Nurses, as well as Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants, are licensed or certified medical professionals who provide hands-on care for patients in a variety of settings. Though the duties of the role vary from setting to setting, and even from job to job, nurses typically perform or assist with physical exams, take health histories, educate patients and their families, administer medications and other treatments, and coordinate care in collaboration with other healthcare providers and professionals. Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare system, and are oftentimes known as the backbone of the healthcare industry.

Selection Criteria:

  • Provider Type
  • Job Title
  • Specialty
  • Geography
  • Gender
  • Level of Education

Marketing & Data Solutions:

  • Email Deployments with Detailed Reporting
  • Data Leases for Email or Direct Mail
  • Programmatic Targeting
  • Resume Database Access

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