Extend the reach of your online campaigns with the digital targeting of healthcare professionals via our healthcare programmatic marketing solutions.

Programmatic targeting allows you maximize the effectiveness of your online campaigns through the most precise audience targeting. For the healthcare industry, this can be a bit tricky, because it is not often that healthcare professionals will use their work address where you want to target them. Our first-party opted-in data on more than 6 million healthcare professionals changes that, allowing you to run healthcare programatic marketing ads to the healthcare professionals you want to reach via their personal addresses.

  • Optimal programmatic engagement does not come from just any email address. It begins with a preferred email address, and we offer the largest collection of personal digital identifiers, providing our clients with the best engagement.
  • Ads served to your verified and authenticated audience.
  • Hundreds of data segments pre-loaded and ready to activate in your DMP.
  • Fast access to custom data segments means increased campaign effectiveness.
  • Benefit from deterministically-matched digital identities based on our clinical grade offline data.

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