“I” is defined as the singular, first-person pronoun.

Example: I am a physicianregistered nursephysical therapisthospital executive and I want to hear from you.

Example: I am a physician and I want to hear from you.

The i in our name is the driving force behind all we do, because, for us, it’s personal.

We offer our clients access to exclusive data, because we source differently, and we have for over a decade.

As part of the Healthcare Staffing Innovations family of brands, iMedicalData enables our clients to benefit from our proprietary data, sourced from our brands in the healthcare recruiting space, such as HealthJobs.com, HealthJobsNationwide.com, PharmaDiversity.com, and EssentialWorker.com.

Our data is first party, opted in, of the highest quality, and, most importantly, the vast majority of our 8,000,000+ email addresses provided are personal.

What does this mean for our clients? In short, when interacting with our family of brands, healthcare professionals are providing the contact information where they would most like to be reached, and that usually means a cell number and a personal email, instead of their work email address. For recruiting and marketing, that means you’re not fighting against hospital firewalls, and for digital targeting via programmatic, who uses their work address?

Leverage our relationships and our data to gain better access to those you want to reach, where they want to hear from you.