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2,000,000 Registered Nurses880,000 Physicians600,000 Advanced Practitioners70,000 Mental Health Professionals45,000 Dental Professionals60,000 EMTs & Paramedics30,000 Respiratory Therapists60,000 IT Professionals50,000 Healthcare Recruiters200,000 Pharmacy Professionals32,000 Speech-Language Pathologists40,000 Pharma & Biotech Professionals135,000 Healthcare Techs

2M Registered Nurses880k Physicians60k EMTs & Paramedics60k IT Professionals32k Speech Therapists135k Healthcare Techs13k Chiropractors100k Physical Therapists

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Whether you are a recruiter who is seeking the perfect pediatrician for a hospital in New Orleans or a CME company that wants to fill the seats at your upcoming event in Costa Rica, only quality data can deliver the results you need.

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