We already know that nurses are leaving clinical work in larger numbers than we have ever seen. Some are retiring early while others are switching careers or starting their own businesses. But what about those who want to stay in nursing? Where are they going? It turns out that remote nursing jobs are hot right now. So is recruiting for those jobs.

Our question for you is this: are you competing? As a nurse recruiter, are you currently recruiting for remote jobs? And if so, are you targeting the nurses most likely to want to work remotely?

Your success as a recruiter is largely dependent on the data you rely on to target job candidates. Unreliable data generates unreliable leads. On the other hand, reliable data puts you in touch with people eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say. That’s key to winning the recruiting game.

Remote Opportunities Are Growing

According to a July, 2022 report from STAT, “burned out and fed up” nurses are leaving clinical work in droves. As a recruiter, you already know that. But you also know that the COVID pandemic has brought telehealth to the forefront. And telehealth has forced the healthcare industry to come to terms with the realities of remote work.

It is understandable that a nurse would associate remote work with telehealth and primary care. That is where remote nursing jobs are most visible. But there are a ton of other opportunities out there. Remote nurses work as:

  • Case Managers – These professionals have long worked in the hospital office environment. But they can work just as effectively from home.
  • Patient Advocates – Patient advocates can also do a lot of their work remotely. Between cloud platforms and video chat, a lot can be done out of the office.
  • Nurse Educators – Remote education is nothing new. But now, the nursing profession is finally getting on board with online training.
  • Healthcare Writers – Healthcare writers are freelance writers with extensive healthcare experience. Nurses with clinical experience are always welcome to join their ranks.
  • Nursing Consultants – Nursing consultants are utilized by attorneys, insurance companies, and even hospitals looking to improve their nursing capabilities.

There are still other possibilities, but you get the point. Opportunities for remote nursing work are on the rise. As a recruiter, you need to be able to compete when your clients have open jobs to fill. You need to be able to reach nurses who are likely to jump at the opportunity to work remotely.

We Have the Data

Where are you going to find those nurses? You will undoubtedly post listings on healthcare job boards. But don’t stop there. Do not wait for nurses to come to you by answering ads. Contact them directly with your message.

iMedical Data offers a qualified nurses database consisting of first-party data your target audience has furnished themselves. Our database includes personal data you will not get from other sources – data like personal phone numbers and email addresses. That amounts to contact gold, doesn’t it?

Our data can help you pinpoint the perfect audience for your message. You will spend less time casting a wide net and more time reeling in individual leads. That’s what first-person data does for you. It helps you zero-in on the target.

Until something changes in the clinical environment, nurses will continue to leave it for other opportunities. For the time being, there are enough remote opportunities to keep a lot of those nurses steadily employed. Your job is to find them on behalf of your clients. So once again, are you competing?

Disclaimer: The viewpoint expressed in this article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the viewpoint of the owners or employees at Healthcare Staffing Innovations, LLC.