Recruiters have one of the toughest jobs in healthcare. In an industry already short tens of thousands of workers (if not hundreds of thousands) recruiters are constantly having to find and attract healthcare professionals of all types. It cannot be easy. However, working with the right datasets can make the recruiter more productive.

We take great pride in the quality of our healthcare datasets. We offer only vetted, first-party data that ensures recruiters are getting their messages in front of the people most likely to respond in a positive way. Our data covers more than six million healthcare professionals.

Here are the top four healthcare datasets our clients request most frequently:

1. Physicians Database

Our physicians database include data on some 800,000 medical doctors and osteopathic practitioners. It is no surprise to us. Why? Because the physician shortage continues to get worse every year. As physicians retire or move away from clinical work, hospitals, clinics, and group practices are struggling to fill open positions. There are not enough new doctors to make up for those leaving healthcare.

Physician recruiting is as competitive as it has ever been – perhaps even more so. Every recruiter out there is looking for an edge. For many, that edge is our physicians database.

2. Advanced Practitioners Database

Our second most requested healthcare dataset is our advanced practitioners database.  This database is populated with comprehensive information on nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified nurse anesthetists, and more. We are not surprised here, either.

Advanced practitioners are gradually being asked to take on a larger role in support of physicians. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are especially important to a healthcare system in transition for the simple fact that they can handle primary care without the need of direct physician supervision. More healthcare providers want to bring PAs and NPs on-board for that very reason.

3. Nurses Database

You probably aren’t surprised by the number three healthcare data set on our list: the nurses database. Nurses are leaving clinical work at a steady pace. Roughly one-third plan to leave within the next few years. And just like with physicians, there are not enough new nurses coming in behind them to fill in the ranks. This means nurse recruiting is only going to get more competitive as time goes by.

All our healthcare datasets are populated by first-party data. Recruiters should find this especially helpful in the search for new nurses. Having access to personal email addresses and cell phone numbers gives recruiters an opportunity to contact candidates outside of the work environment. In such a highly competitive market, this may be the key to getting a candidate to give you the time of day.

4. Therapists Database

The fourth and final healthcare dataset on our list is the therapists database. If you are surprised by this, it may only be because therapists do not get a lot of attention in the media. Whenever we talk about professional shortages in healthcare, we tend to talk about doctors and nurses. Yet therapists are every bit is important. Moreover, they are aggressively recruited.

None of these four datasets surprises us in terms of their demand. We have been in this business long enough to know that hiring healthcare professionals has always been a challenge. That challenge will only get tougher in the years to come.

Are you a healthcare recruiter? If so, you need every advantage you can get your hands on. We invite you to seriously consider our healthcare datasets. The vetted, first-party data they offer definitely gives you an advantage over the competition – especially those still using third-party data.

by Chris Lee (President iMedicaldata, LLC)