WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HealthGigJobs Services and iMedicalData today announced a strategic partnership that will provide the HealthGigJobs Marketplace with access to more than eight million healthcare providers in the United States. This partnership will form the cornerstone of a national rollout program of Marketplace from its home state of Florida.

iMedicalData’s ability to hyper-target healthcare providers by discipline, industry, and geography enables the HealthGigJobs Marketplace to focus on exact demographics and demand profiles. This will make its rollout quicker and more efficient, and able more rapidly to address a national audience.

Partnering with HealthGigJobs Marketplace’s unique order-driven exchange for gig work in the healthcare industry gives iMedicalData the ability to bring to its market an innovative solution to today’s labor challenges that benefits both employers and healthcare professionals. While improving the economics of temporary healthcare staffing for all involved, Marketplace allows greater flexibility in the type of work employers can offer and post. At the same time Marketplace improves the work-life balance and earnings opportunities of the healthcare professionals through its flexibility and unique pricing model.

Rick Yarosh, Co-Founder, President and the originator of the Marketplace concept said: “The partnership with iMedicalData is a truly exciting development for HealthGigJobs, allowing us to match our rollout more precisely to specific demand. This will allow us to turbo-charge our national expansion.”

Christopher Lee, iMedicalData President, said: “We are very excited about this partnership with HealthGigJobs.  The clinical “gig economy” helps both patients and providers, and iMedicalData is pleased to stand with innovative leaders such as HealthGigJobs.”

About HealthGigJobs Services

HealthGigJobs is first to market with an order-driven exchange that allows verified healthcare employers to negotiate and set terms for on-demand work directly with verified healthcare professionals, utilizing a unique, dynamic bid/counterbid process.

Leon de Jerez, CEO & Co-Founder

About iMedicalData

Founded in 2011, iMedicalData owns and manages one of the largest databases of healthcare providers in the United States, with granular data on over eight million clinicians and healthcare workers. Its stated mission is to foster digital engagement among its clinical partners, priding itself on the breadth, depth, and opt-in quality of its provider data.

Christopher Lee, President

SOURCE HealthGigJobs Services, Inc.