We recently announced a brand-new partnership with a Florida-based HealthGigJobs Services. HealthGigJobs came to us to gauge our interest in partnering with them on their new Marketplace product. We were more than happy to get on board. In fact, we have been excited about it since our very first introduction to Marketplace. Why? Because we fully understand the power of first-party data.

First-party data is key to iMedical Data partnerships. It is key to what HealthGigJobs has planned for its new Marketplace. The digital product represents a way for healthcare gig employers to directly negotiate with gig workers in a secure, digital space. But in order to begin those conversations, employers need access to the best candidates. That is where first-party data proves so valuable.

We Source It Ourselves

Getting a handle on first-party data is as simple as understanding that we source it ourselves. In other words, all the data in our therapists database comes directly from therapists themselves. They voluntarily opt in to provide their data through online properties within the Healthcare Staffing Innovations family of brands – a brand family that iMedical Data is part of.

The same goes for our physicians database, nurses database, advanced practitioners database, etc. Medical professionals provide their data when they use Healthcare Staffing Innovations job boards. They voluntarily opt into data sharing, which gives us the opportunity to add their information to iMedical databases.

Our partnership with HealthGigJobs gives them access to the first-party data that will make Marketplace truly unique as a recruiting tool. Having first-party data to work with facilitates direct engagement between recruiters and gig workers. It optimizes the recruiting experience through comprehensive targeting. Best of all though, it invites recruiters to contact potential candidates through the channels that the candidates themselves have provided – including personal email addresses.

Flexible Job Posts

Another fantastic innovation Marketplace brings to the table is greater flexibility in job posts. Recruiters, HR departments, and healthcare administrators can post gig opportunities alongside travel and permanent placement jobs. Furthermore, it allows employers to tailor their postings based on specific parameters that they feel are important to identifying the best possible candidates.

A good way to understand our partnership is to compare it to brain surgery. The surgeon risks doing great harm if they go into the operating room without knowing exactly what the procedure entails. They need to be extremely familiar with the details of the procedure, the dangers of that procedure, the part of the brain on which they will be operating, and so forth. Their mind needs to be extremely focused on the target.

Likewise, first-party data gives our partners more detailed information than they can get anywhere else. It tells them exactly how to reach each member of the target audience. Our first-party data also tells recruiters what potential candidates are looking for. Recruiters can fully prepare themselves before reaching out, thereby increasing their chances of success by creating a strategic plan in advance of making contact.

First Party Is Unbeatable

Other healthcare databases curate information from multiple websites, information that may or may not have come directly from the parties to whom it pertains. By contrast, our first-party data comes right from medical professionals themselves, who consciously make the choice to provide it. It is this that makes it unbeatable.

We are absolutely thrilled to partner with HealthGigJobs on their new Marketplace product. Furthermore, we are totally confident that the first-party data we provide will ultimately drive the project to success. First-party data is the very best data in the evolving gig economy.



by Chris Lee (President IMD, LLC)